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20 Years Experience

The miniöko-up

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The miniöko-up

ökoform lets you control the temperature of your working environment.

Our desks heat people and objects rather than the air, meaning the heat is contained to the individual workspace instead of the entire room. The desks are designed so that the heat is directed down underneath the desk by using insulation with radiant heat technology. This way we can avoid warming objects on top of the desk and warms legs and bodies instead.

In addition to being a localised heating option, the desks are also sleek, stylish, and incredibly simple to use. If you prefer a sit-stand desk with the added benefits for posture, we have one of those too!

The Tops
The heated desktop gets to working immediately by warming the individual rather than the air. Stringent CPU testing is undertaken to ensure the desks do not alter the temperature of laptops or game consoles or anything else that may be on top.

Our standard tabletop size measures 1200 x 600mm. Contact us to find out about the bespoke options available.

You can rest assured knowing that all of our desks are CE certified and come with a come with a three-year warranty as standard.

Manufactured in the UK
We design, develop and manufacture our heated desktops in beautiful sunny Dorset.

Ok, so it’s not always sunny in Dorset…that’s why we use ökoform heated desks.

The miniöko-up

Want a heated desk that’s also height adjustable? Choose the miniöko-up.

✔ Sit or stand
✔ Reduce back pain
✔ Increase productivity
✔ Lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders

The miniöko-up frame is from 734 to 1234mm high

Tabletop 1200 x 600mm

Bespoke tabletop sizes available

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The miniöko-up

Are you spending too much on your energy bills?
Our goal at ökoform is to provide comfortable, well-heated working environments across the country for a fraction of the average heating costs of standard gas & electric heating options.


Targeted Heat
The desk uses a radiant heating element which works by heating you directly rather than the surrounding air. Fan heaters and radiators heat the air which means a lot of heat is lost as the air rises away from where it’s needed.

Durable and Supportive
With a 50kg weight tolerance for the miniöko and 120kg tolerance for the miniöko-up our desks can support the most extensive hardware setups.

Stylish and Functional
Our desks are available in a variety of desk top options including: Oak, Black and White with a choice of either Black or White legs. The desk is easily assembled by a single person with the instructions provided.

Low Running Costs
Localised Heat
Allergy Friendly
50kgs Weight Tolerance

How We Compare
This is the ideal office heating solution if you have allergies or find the noise of a fan heater distracting. Unlike traditional fan heaters, there’s no noise, no dust, and no smell so you can stay comfortable and productive.

Save Money
With home energy prices rising rapidly, any saving you make adds up. You can save 8% on your energy bill for every degree you turn down your heating (Carbon Trust), and with a heated desk you may not need to turn on your heating at all!
Save Energy
Compared with alternative home heating solutions the Ökoform desk uses electricity much more efficiently. At just 260 watts, our desks are 90% cheaper to run than the average 2500-3000 watt desk fan heater.
Boost Your Productivity
When you’re cold you spend energy keeping warm rather than focusing on work. Warm environments don’t just boost productivity they make us happier. And happier people are 13% more productive.


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