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VISION Techconnect USB-over-CAT6 module

NEW Version

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Our Price £99.00 (£118.80 including VAT @ 20%)

VISION Techconnect USB-over-CAT6 module

Passes USB 2.0 signal over 150m (492 ft) CAT6 cable
• Comes with transmitter and receiver
• Transmitter fits into Techconnect faceplate

The Techconnect USBTP is a USB extender which converts USB to run over a “twisted pair” network cable, allowing flexible placement of the AV faceplate with respect to the interactive flat panel. No drivers are required.

150 metres
Converting the signal to run over a twisted-pair cable - also known commonly as “CAT5” or “Ethernet” - allows the signal to travel up to 100m on CAT5e, or 150m on CAT6. The USB input cable can be up to 5m long, and the output cable can be as long as 10m. Vision recommends high quality Techconnect USB cables.

As part of the Techconnect family of products it comes with a transmitter in the form of a modified USB-B module. Fix it into place on any Techconnect faceplate.

TC3_USBTP_Tx_rear_angleA power supply is included which connects to the receiver. For shorter cables this external power may not be necessary, but many interactive display devices only work reliably if they receive full power USB.

Status LED
A new feature on this updated version are two LED lights which help installers trouble-shoot issues. One light confirms connection with the other end, and the other shows data transfer.

As well as interactive whiteboard and flat-panel applications, the Techconnect USBTP can be used for any other USB devices which work on USB 2.0 such as printers and webcams.

Plug and Play
All parts are included in one box. Just install the transmitter module into the faceplate, and mount the receiver at the remote USB device.

Short Range Alternatives
Vision offers USB cables from 1m to 15m long. The longer 10 and 15 metre models have an inline booster half way along the cable.  To help extend USB range Vision has an active USB booster module which should be used with the 10 and 15 metre cables. The input cable from the laptop to this module can be up to 10 metres long.

**Lifetime warranty return-to-base, 2 years onsite (UK only)**

  • TC3 USBTP USB-over-CAT6 Module
  • TC3 USBTP USB-over-CAT6 Module
  • TC3 USBTP USB-over-CAT6 Module
TC3 USBTP USB-over-CAT6 Module
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