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Soundfield Pack F

NEW Design

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Our Price £629.00 (£754.80 including VAT @ 20%)

Soundfield Pack F

  • For classroom area coverage of up to 60m²
  • For wallmount applications
  • UK designed and packaged
  • Even voice coverage throughout the classroom
  • Improved communication between teacher and pupil
  • Easy to use
  • Significantly reduced microphone feedback

Soundfield Pack F includes a feature-loaded IRX2 Wallmount Amplifier/IR Receiver, wireless Infrared Pendant Microphone Transmitter, IR Sensors and connecting cables, IR Microphone Drop-in Charger and rechargeable Batteries. Added to this package are 4 x high quality wall-mounting music speakers in white. These stylish speakers contain a high quality driver with removable ‘Phoenix’ connection block and add a modern look to any installation.

Featuring our specially developed, unique, new IRX2 Soundfield Amplifier/Infrared Receiver, this kit also includes all the ‘electronics’ and infrared microphone equipment required for installation in the classroom.

The IRX2 Amplifier / IR Receiver is built within a secure, tamper-proof, steel wall-mount case & features 2 x 50W mono, lowZ amplifier and 2 channel Infrared inputs. Behind the lockable front cover, the user has access to 3 additional Line Level inputs (for auxiliary sources such as TV, CD player, MP3 Player, etc), as well as separate level controls for each IR microphone and line source. Also featured is a 3 band EQ, ‘Active’ LEDs for Power, IR Mics & Line and System On/Off Switch.

Utilising Infrared wireless microphone transmission technology, the Soundfield Pack F system allows for multiple systems to be used in adjacent classrooms without the need for separate frequency channels (assuming there are solid walls between each classroom). In addition, a teacher can move from classroom to classroom with the same IR Pendant Microphone and immediately connect with the IRX2 IR Receiver in that particular room.

The benefits of Soundfield Voice Reinforcement in the classroom:
All children benefit from the improved speech clarity of a Sound Field System. Academic improvements are noted in:

Task behaviour
• Attentiveness
• Understanding of instructions
• Less repetition required
• Better attendance
• Improved measures of verbal recognition
• Reduced voice strain

  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
  • Soundfield Pack F
Soundfield Pack F
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