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20 Years Experience

Screen Riser

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Screen Riser offers complete flexibility in office or active learning environments when the focal point requires a screen. When there isn’t a need for the display anymore, the user can simply retract the screen at a click of a button.

With a contemporary yet functional design, the Screen Riser can be suited for various architectural requirements with an array of customisable options, whist securely facilitating the latest audiovisual technologies within. Two grab handles allow the unit to be positioned in strategic places as well as moving aside for storage and nesting together with other units with its cleverly designed base.

The retracting screen (or screens if you choose the back to back option) enables clear sightlines to the lecturer or instructor when used particularly when in an active learning or corporate training setting. Users can then plug in their devices via an optional connectivity panel situated on the front of the screen riser to display their chosen content to the group. Screen Riser can also be used with TeamMate’s Kobi, WorksZone or Adapt Table ranges to create flexible, agile and hybrid environments.

Product Features
Single or back to back screen solution
Concealed screen with an electrical height adjustable mechanism
Fully mobile locking castors
Grab handles included
Create flexible active learning and meeting environments by using with exisiting tables or TeamMate furniture solutions
Nesting base for easy storage of multiple units
Rack pegboard for small equipment mounting
Standard black worktop once screen is retracted fully

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Technical Details
Compatible with single or dual (back to back) screen:
– Single Screen 48-55″
– Dual Screen back to back 48-55″
Soundbar mounting available
Full cable managment via cable chains either side of screen
1U equipment pegboard for vertical mounting
Customisable front panel for controller and/or power modules
x2 Grab handles for easy moving
Lockable front and rear doors
Nesting base for storage of multiple units
Net product weight of 100kg

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