20 years experience
20 Years Experience

Multi Track Writing Wall

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Multi Track Writing Wall

Writing surface from floor to ceiling

Multi Track WriteWall can be installed from the floor to ceiling or alternatively into cabinets using a rail and an extra-strong molding and castors. The boards slide easily. Multi Track WriteWall are always produced according to the intended use.

The panels can be made of either the ceramic steel or chalk surface. Magnets can be attached to the surface.

The Multi Track WriteWall can also be produced using a projection surface, in which case a separate screen is not required.

Contact us and we will design a Multi Track WriteWall suitable for your needs.

WriteWall surface is virtually indestructible, it has the highest scratch, damage and abrasion resistance on the market, as well as resistance to chemicals, fire, stains, and bacteria.

WriteWall surfaces are easily erased with a dry cloth, standard eraser or cleaner and can be written on a with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluable, permanent marker, pen or crayon without damaging the surface.

You can write and draw with any whiteboard marker pens and attach sticky notes or normal paper with magnets.

The surface is state-of-the-art e3 steel enamel surface with a lifetime warranty.

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Multi Track Writing Wall

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