20 years experience
20 Years Experience

Hybrid Project and Write Board

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Hybrid Project and Write Board

Our hybrid low gloss projection and whiteboard surface allows for multi purpose use.
One board, two functions. Projection and writeable.
The low gloss enamel surface has a reduced GU rating making it suitable to be used for all short throw projectors and has professional dry-erase capabilities.

We offer bespoke sizes as required.

Please email us with your dimension size, ratio and quantity requirement and we will be happy to help.

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Hybrid Project and Write Board

We offer a wide range of projection screens and projection surfaces for different purposes.

Our fabric projection screens are of excellent quality and they are suitable for most needs.

We also offer ridged fixed projection surfaces.

WetWipe is a completely matt projection surface, which can be used as a screen and also as an occasional `wet-erase` writing surface.

WriteScreen, in turn, is the real all-rounder, a hi-bred of both projection and writing surfaces.

The WriteScreen is designed for use with short-throw projectors.

All projection surfaces can be tailored to the exact dimensions you require.




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