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20 Years Experience

HushHybrid Acoustic Booth

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HushHybrid Acoustic Booth


HushHybrid was designed to meet the current expectations of effective work models. It is a mobile solution with built-in soft seating and provides a comfortable space for solo work, especially video conferences. The interior boasts side-screen LED facial lighting and can be extended [by place for all-in-one computer].

The interior table can also be extended towards the user to create their own comfortable work space.

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HushHybrid Acoustic Booth


Video conferencing has just got better! With the new hushHybrid acoustic booth designed for remote meetings, your colleagues and business partners can feel as if they are right next to you. Even during online conversations.

HushHybrid is dedicated to individual concentrated work and longer video conferences, as well as online training and webinars. The booth has a comfortable, soft seat supporting an upright body position, while the bracket enables you to hang up your all-in-one computer or monitor.

Additional side LED strips provide beneficial facial illumination during your video conversations. The depth-adjustable desk top inside allows you to adjust it to a depth that is comfortable for you. HushHybrid has good sound insulation, which helps create excellent working conditions. The booth can be ordered with additional stickers on the glass, providing privacy through a “frosted” look.

The combination of these features creates a versatile hybrid place to work, which, in addition to a great design, enables you to work in peace and quiet. Having a hushHybrid booth in the office means employees no longer need to worry about whether phone calls and video conferences disturb their co-workers – even if the booths are positioned in the very centre of an open space office.

HushHybrid provides users with the maximum amount of space needed, taking up as little of the office space as possible. Lighting and airflow can be adjusted with knobs, while a motion sensor automatically activates the booth. The booth’s wide range of colours enables hushHybrid to match the style of the interior of the office.

The booth is fully mobile because of its built-in casters, enabling it to be easily relocated whenever needed.

HushHybrid Acoustic Booth

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