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20 Years Experience

Genee Visualiser GV4200W

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Genee Visualiser GV4200W

8MP Camera, 360 Camera Rotation, Wi-FI Connectivity, 20 Meter Range, 9 Hour Battery Life
Free Genee Wireless Toolbar Software.

3D objects without having to force your audience to move for a better view. This visualiser also has a built in clamp which allows you to secure the visualiser safely onto desk and almost anything else!


Enjoy an ultra fast and interference free experience. The GV 4200W (5G) runs on 5Ghz network which provides faster data transfer and less interference as most other devices run on 2.4Ghz.

No more cables!

Our Genee Vision Wireless range are completely wireless, there’s no need to connect any HDMI or power supply! With a wireless range of 20 meters gives the teachers the freedom to move the visualiser anywhere in the classroom and ability to create more interactive and engaging lessons.

No Need for your own Wi-Fi network

The Genee Vision Wireless creates its own Wi-Fi network which doesn’t interfere with you current IT Network. Simply plug in the Wi-Fi dongle on your device and enter the password and you are ready to go!

Bespoke Software

Easy to use and created to be an all in one software for you to use with the visualisers. With the intuitive software you can easily capture images and rotate images or choose from negative, positive or black and white. The software also allows you to record the session which you can later send to your students.

Built in lights

The built in lights gives you better quality images in a variety of environments.

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Genee Visualiser GV4200W
The new Genee Vision Wireless range is designed from the ground up to revolutionise today’s learning environments and reduce cable clutter on a teacher’s desk. With its simple plug and play core, the Genee Vision Wireless is the perfect hands on portable visualiser for use in all education and business environments.

With Genee Visoin Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale – in fine detail.

Utilise the Genee Vision 4200W features to compare work, analyse content and show objects in greater detail. The zoom enlarges source materials, pictures and

The Genee Vision range quickly became the market leader in Visualisers and rapidly became the Visualiser of choice in hundreds of classrooms around the world. Since its inception, the Genee Vision has always focused on high quality static and moving images with its CMOS and CCD lens technology as well as its host of features to complement today’s learning environment and changing pedagogies.

The new Genee Vision Wireless adheres to the high quality of the Genee Vision range with added flexibility and manoeuvrability removing the need for cables and giving more classroom options to teachers and students. The new Genee Vision Wireless range is available in two models; Genee Vision Wireless Portable and Genee Vision Wireless Elite.

The Genee Vision Wireless Elite allows you to connect up to 60 Visualisers together which can be controlled with our powerful software. This allows the teacher to place a visualiser on each student’s desk and instantly share their work to class. The Genee Wireless Elite 200W also has built in audience response system which student can answer question which have been pre-set by the teacher.

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