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Convex Circle

Sound Absorbing Reindeer Moss

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Convex Circle

Nordgrona Convex

The Nordgrona Convex is a high-class sound absorber made from natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss.  The convex form of the panel allows for a full and distinct shape, while the moss structure enables the absorption of sound waves from multiple directions.

The panel retains it's colour, is fire-proof, absorbs and releases humidity to remain soft, and is completely maintenenace-free.  It is handmade, natural and made in Sweden.

Environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, air purifying and a natural
humidity indicator, also maintenance free and requires no sunlight,
watering or pruning.

Product Features
Natural and Authentic - made from natural and authentic Reindeer Moss.

High-Class Sound Absorber - Absorbing up to twice as much as the industry average for products of the same size and thickness.

Environmentally Friendly - Hand-picked with care for nature, and certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Fire-Resistant - Nordgrona Reindeer Moss panels are certified by ISO 11925-2

Air Purifying - Airborne particles are removed though a constant cycle of absorption and release of humidity

Natural Humidity Indicator - dries when the relative humidity falls below 35% and returns soft again above 35%

Hypoallergenic - Does not contain any common allergens

Maintenance-Free - Does not require any sunlight, watering or pruning.

Each panel comes with a keyhole hanger placed in the top centre of the backpanel.  The hanger is embedded into the wood for a seamless wall mounting.

The provided srews and wall-plugs can be used with most types of walls and do not require any special preparation.

Mounting fixtures for a ceiling suspension are available up on request.

Convex Circle
Dimensions:        300 diameter x 100H mm
Weight:              1.6kgs
Dimensions:       450 diameter x 110H mm
Weight:              3.6kgs
Dimensions:       600 diameter x 120H mm
Weight:              7.2kgs

Warranty:           2 Years
Installation:        1 x Screw and Plug (included)
Specification:     Due to the characteristics of natural Reindeer Moss, colours and measurements are approximations.

Lead time:          4-6 Weeks unless all items are in stock then the can be reduced to 5-7 working days.dims

Helpful Information:

The Reindeer Moss has been preserved with salt, which binds water from the air. When the humidity is above 35%, humidity is absorbed into the lichen, adsorbing airborne pollutants. When the humidity drops below ca. 35%, the water inside the lichen is released, but the particles remain in the moss. The same effect happens with air movement through the lichen.

Our reindeer moss is not optimised for air purification; but for sound absorption. Unpreserved lichen could also absorb airborne particles and synthesis it for further growth, but it would be a fire risk when dry. Technically the reindeer moss does not absorb particles no, it adsorbs instead, which the florist probably had in mind.
Absorbing means that the particles go inside the moss, adsorbing is when it just attaches to the surface, which also works with a colour coating.

  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
  • Convex Circle
Convex Circle
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