20 years experience
20 Years Experience

Column Gliding Whiteboards

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Column Gliding Whiteboards systems consist of two or four extruded aluminium columns with either single or twin e3 surfaced boards that glide silently up and down.
Concealed precision counterweights balance the vertical movement of the boards allowing each to move effortlessly to be positioned at the ideal writing or display height.
On the twin board system the boards slide independently of each other.

The precision counter-weights and high quality bearing systems allow the boards to glide silently with finger touch effort.

2010 x 1220 mm
2510 x 1220 mm
3010 x 1220 mm
4010 x 1220 mm

Colour Options
White/Beige/Light Grey/Green/Dark Grey/Black/Blue


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Single, twin or triple board systems

Robust full-length pen shelves to the bottom of the board
An optional projection screen can be mounted
between or to the side of the column
Environment – e3 Vitreous Enamel Steel Writing
Surface with a 25-year guarantee
DDA Compliance – access to the board for wheelchair users

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