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20 Years Experience

Chameleon Acoustic Canvas + Whiteboard wall

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Acoustic Canvas + Whiteboard wall
Meetings and brainstorms can and should be energetic. Acoustics in the room influence that energy. Chameleon introduces a whiteboard wall that simultaneously stimulates collaboration and provides a pleasant acoustic experience.

Acoustic value of Aw 0.95: class A acoustics
No limitation in dimensions – contact us for a bespoke quotation

Consultations and brainstorming sessions are allowed to be energetic. During this, the acoustics can determine the atmosphere. Therefore, Chameleon has developed a whiteboard wall that encourages collaboration, whilst ensuring a pleasant acoustic experience. Chameleon Acoustic Canvas has the highest sound absorption capacity, eliminating any unwanted reverberations.

Acoustic Canvas has with a sturdy frame made of matt anodised aluminium. The frame is 5 cm thick, measured from the wall, and has no height or width restrictions.

The frame is then filled with sound-absorbing cotton wool. This circular product consists of 90% recycled textile fibre, obtained from clothing that can no longer be used as such. The cotton wool we use:

Is certified to be very fire resistant (class B)
Has a high density of 45kg/m3 and is 45mm thick
Falls into acoustics class A with an Aw value of 0.95
The exterior
On the front, the frame is covered with a recycled decorative textile that can have any full-colour print you desire on it. There are no size limitations for the fabric either, which means that virtually any wall can be covered with Chameleon Acoustic Canvas. Other textiles are possible upon request.




Acoustic Canvas + Whiteboard specifications
Size: custom, whiteboard panels of max. 120 x 240 cm
Canvas surface: printed canvas filled with sound-absorbing cotton wool
Whiteboard surface: ‘Double coated’ enamel, white
Warranty Canvas: 2 years
Warranty whiteboard: lifetime on perfect writing and erasing
Acoustic value: ɑw 0,95
Product warranty: 2 years on construction and failures
Magnetic whiteboard: for all types of magnets
Thickness Canvas: 50 mm
Thickness whiteboard: 25 / 50 mm
Mounting: hidden mounting
Fire resistance: certified (class B)

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