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20 Years Experience

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Introducing BuildUp Pods & Pavilions
BuildUp Pods & Pavilions is a collection of large-scale, acoustic meeting rooms. A concept characterized by openness, functionality and accessibility – with a mission to create inviting meeting places, and to divide large interiors. Developed by Glimakra of Sweden, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi design studio.
The fabric covered wall elements have an equally good sound absorption on both insides and outsides, which means that the pods also serve as an effective acoustic solution for the surrounding interior. The walls acoustic task is to reduce reverberation time, to achieve pleasant sound atmospheres. All units have a self-supporting construction – easy to build, install or relocate if needed.

The first launch of BuildUp Meeting Pods & Pavilions includes three pods in different sizes, as well as a fully open pavilion. A round room for 4-6 people meetings (10m²), a medium-sized oval room for group meetings of 8-10 people (17m²) and a large oval room for meetings of 12-14 people (20m²). The space dividing semi-circular open pavilion is well suited for informal touch down meetings or gatherings.

Mobility & flexibility
All BuildUp units have a self-supporting construction – no floor, wall or ceiling attachments are necessary. The pods and pavilions are easy to build, install and to move if a new location is desired. Adjustable feet are included to compensate for uneven floors. All elements are prepared and ready to be easily mounted together on site. A specially designed attachment mechanism is developed, only an Allen key and a screwdriver is required.
The low weight of each element and the reasonable size admits easy logistics and handling – and with an average installation time of approximately 2 hours for 2 persons + a qualified electrician. The pods & pavilions great installation flexibility and free-standing character, allows the spaces to be rearranged in an adaptable manner without compromising the demand for a high-quality spatial experience.





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BuildUp Focus Pod R2

Focus Pod and Solo Pod are characterized by openness, functionality, and accessibility – with the mission to create inviting working and meeting spaces, and to contribute to pleasant sound atmospheres. Semi-muted, subdued acoustic rooms with an equally airy feeling as embracing cosiness, with the same design as the previously launched BuildUp system. The rounded shaped Focus Pod is offered in two different configurations. The Coupé version is designed to host work sessions or informal meetings for two persons or more, with facing sofas and a centered pillar table. Focus Pod Work is prepared for one person in need of a private space, furnished with both a desk and a sofa for reading and recreational pauses.

As the name suggests, the round Solo Pod is intended for one individual in demand for a small personal corner. Available with either a desk or a comfortable sofa – providing a calm, semimuted space without visual distraction. All BuildUp Pods can also be delivered as empty rooms, ready to be custom furnished by architects. All pods have generous entrances without thresholds that closes with curtains. The spaces are pleasantly lit by integrated LED light-strips between the wooden ceiling beams, combined with additional lighting on wall or table. Conveniently placed power outlets makes it easy for users to plug in various devices. The fabric covered wall elements have equally good sound absorption on the inside as on the outside, which means that the pods also serve as an efficient acoustic solution for the greater surrounding interior. The self-supporting construction is quick and easy to install.


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