20 years experience
20 Years Experience

Apple Mac Pro Security Stand

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Apple Mac Pro Security Stand

2020 Version
Anti Theft Security Stand.
Secure 6mm Thick Locking bar.
Precision laser cut out to prevent handle tampering.
Fixing points same as previous model saving on drilling.
Secured via high end push button lock keyed alike as standard.
2 Docking points for locking bar for added security
Hand powder coated Silver to compliment the Mac Pro, other colours available.

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With the Mac Pro having a starting price of approx £5,000 it will no doubt be a device worth securing, with a high end anti theft security offering.
The Core-Security Anti theft Mac Pro Security Stand provides the highest-security, solution on the market for the brand new Apple Mac Pro.
This bespoke anti theft security mount has been developed using hardened steel and features a precision laser cut in the hand formed locking bar, finished in a high end powder coated silver to compliment the Mac Pro.
Our specialist design ensures full access to the Apple Mac Pro’s functions and does not impede the ventilation of the Mac Pro.
Core-Security’s Mac Pro security stand comes with a double locating fixture to offer maximum security whilst also acting as a firm deterrent from theft.
Our unit can be fitted onto your desk or into the floor for using the fixing points in the base plate, A unique design idea has been included where we have replicated the same fixing points in the base as those found in our previous Mac Pro security stand so no additional holes need to be drilled if up grading your Mac Pro.


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